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The estate of the plantation was, in the early days, stretched all the way to the coastline. Mr. Casper Arturo Perrit Gentil loved the ocean so much, that in 1924 he had a luxurious seaside resort built. This beach location is one of the most popular tourist hotspots on Curacao, and with this, the circle is figuratively round again. Bert and Mirjan are the present owners of Landhuis Jan Thiel, and overlook the beach in a little corner of the estate, which they developed together years ago.  This is home to different restaurants and beach clubs.

Magical spot

Together with their children Bert & Mirjan call the Koetshuis their home. When they heard that the estate was for sale, they did not jump for joy right away! Bert: “we do love space but 2 acres is too much for my family to live on”. Mirjan: “the magical atmosphere kept calling!”  They are hospitality entrepreneurs and decided to turn the historic Landhuis and some side building into a Bed & Breakfast. This way guests will be able to experience the same magical feeling. The daily management of Jan Thiel Lodge is in the hands of hostess Loeki ter Steege. Loeki also lives on the plantation in a beautiful kunuku house. Loeki: “To start this Bed & Breakfast was a dream come true! I have been managing Zanzibar at Jan Thiel Beach for years, a beach club with a high intensity of guests. Now on the private estate with just a maximum of 20 guests, I’ll be at your service to make this experience unique!”


Our service



Luxury in simplicity

Jan Thiel Lodge is hidden in a green oasis. The backyard has its own entrance to the Salt Lakes, a nature reserve, the natural habitat and breeding ground for Flamingos. There are hiking and mountain bike trails or we can arrange horseback riding on one of our horses.

Find your spot on the plantation

Jan Thiel Lodge offers accommodation to a maximum of twenty guests. This guaranties that your visit will be as relaxing or adventurous as you want it to be. Of course, you are welcome to get a cup of coffee in the central kitchen, Loeki can make you a delicious breakfast, at the time and location of your preference, or enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace. There are so many private spots on the plantation, find one and make it your own during your stay!

Flexible en relaxed

All is possible!! Breakfast at 12, love to have your breakfast served in your room, no problem. Taking an early morning stroll through the Salt Lakes and want to have breakfast in a picnic basket to go, Sure! Lunch & Dinner? Just ask and we will accommodate, with or without private chef. There are mountain bikes on the plantation, or if you want to go with us on for horseback ride – all is possible. We use flexible check-in and out times, as it should be on this experience. At Jan Thiel Lodge our guests are our priority